About this site

Who are the organisations behind the Poole Car Club?

The creation of the car club offered the opportunity for a group of Bournemouth University students to assist with the launch as part of their studies.  

Four university students, (Aaron Goodall, Henry Barker, Jonathan Bender and Toby Forward) decided to take the project to gain practical real-world experience. 

Within their 6 month project plan, they wanted to create a number of resources to help people understand car clubs. During their project, they created the www.poolecarclub.info website and two videos, to promote and explain the car club and how to use the electric vehicles.

Familiarisation Video

A familiarisation video was designed to help those who had never driven an electric vehicle understand them better before using them.

Awareness Video

A awareness video was created to create hype and bring to the attention of Poole residents the new car club scheme. 

As well as creating this information portal for the website, they appeared on Nerve Radio Drive-Time show on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 to promote the project.